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Tshedzom is a Tibetan-Scottish movement artist from Seattle, Washington. She is currently pursuing her BFA in Contemporary Dance at The Boston Conservatory at Berklee, where she takes classes in Modern Techniques, Ballet, HipHop, Jazz, Improvisation, and Choreography. During her time at the Conservatory, she has had the pleasure of working with choreographers including Jennifer Archibald, William Isaac, Robert Moses, and Edisa Weeks. Prior to moving to Boston, Tshedzom grew up a homeschooler and performed music and dance extensively around the Seattle area. She was a member of The Three Yells with Veronica Lee-Baik, and Beautiful Carcass with Maya Soto and Nico Tower. Also active in her Tibetan community, Tshedzom attended many events performing traditional Tibetan song and dance. She has choreographed two works for Kaleidoscope Dance Company founded in 1981 by her lifelong teacher, Anne Green Gilbert. Integrating her musical background, Buddhist upbringing, and other passions are important aspects in her work. She is continuing to explore her choreographic voice, and hopes to spark curiosity and inspiration through her artistic medium. 

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